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Welcome To WaveAdept

It's been a long time coming but Dave Livesey (@daveadept) have finally launched our new company - WaveAdept (@waveadept)

What is it already doing:
Connecting your people, tools and information to make you more productive.

Whether you use Microsoft Office, Open Office, or a different set of tools, we streamline your business with simple tools that you will actually use.

Very similar to the work has been doing ... which begs the question, "So, what does that mean for this blog and"

WaveAdept will be the name on the business card for organisations that want to use our services. MiramarMike will be be used to represent myself in all facets "professional" that fall outside of WaveAdept.

To give you some guidance, Mike from WaveAdept will be:
  • The person engaged by companies around collaboration
  • Presents at "cloud computing" events
    (come along this Friday - - $0, 2 hours)
  • Who helps organisations shoot old intranets
  • Implements Google Apps for you
  • Introduces and runs agile/Scrum development
The current MiramarMike will still be the person that:
  • Advocates for open data from the Government
  • Presents "using of the Web" to communities/groups
  • Promotes Open Source use
  • Is sarky, challenging but always thought provoking
  • Is involved with barcamps and the like - NZGovtOpenData anyone?
There's bound to be fuzzy boundaries between them both and in those circumstances expect to get two business cards as we all work it out :-) Plus there will be cross-posting on both this blog and WaveAdept, if that looks like changing I'll let you know with plenty of advance warning.

Neither will ever wear a suit.
Both will sport the awesome brooch from Sue.

Any questions just ask - you can choose to go formal with WaveAdept or professional yet informal with MiramarMike :-)


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