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FriendFeed - Totally Integrated With Twitter, Facebook And Google

I'm on a bit of a mission to get as many of my @miramarmike Twitter friends onto FriendFeed AS WELL.

Just sign-up and let me know and then you can go back to Twitter and tweet happy in the knowledge I also get to see all your stuff.

Please :-)


  1. friendfeed used to let you setup an imaginery friend for those not on friendfeed

  2. Are you planning to just use the Friendfeed interface to see updates? I personally find Friendfeed a bit too noisy but I haven't used it much since the last update so perhaps it's better now.

  3. @gavin - imaginary friends mean *I* have to do the work ;-) But nice call, are they still there?

    @stuart - Yep, it's now my central "over the shoulder look at what others find interesting". Because it includes more than just Twitter (Delicious esp) I find it a much richer and more useful service


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