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3 Simple Steps To Save 570 Wellington Community Websites

Here at we know that the Internet, and in particular the Web, can have a huge positive affect on the work community agencies perform every day. And so when we read over at Scoop that the Wellington Council is reviewing its support of Wellington Community Net (a free website hosting and support service for community groups) we know it will be a huge retrospective step that will hurt these agencies.

In a nutshell the situation is (as outlined by Mike Rumble, Director of Wellington ICT)
So if our funding is cut next year – as the council proposes – the Wellington Community Net will no longer be viable. The service will have to be handed back to the council. The council will then end up with more than 570 community websites to support, but with no money to do so.

This is what YOU can do to help
Note: the deadline for submissions is 5pm Monday 18th May

  1. Read (and comment on) the Scoop article
  2. Sign the official e-petition
  3. Submit a comment on the LTCCP Submissions page

I have, have you?


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