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My Brooch, Here's Where You Can Get One

Many of you have seen me sporting a natty wee brooch on my suit jacket and quite a few have asked me about it. In fact I am averaging about 5 people per day complimenting me upon it and asking who made it. Oh, and yes I am aware that a man wearing a brooch draws people's attention to it in the first place :-)

The brooch is based upon a range created by Sue Tyler called "Unbearable". Sue, based here in Wellington (New Zealand), uses the awesome online Ponoko service to design, create and sell this and many other examples of her SuperVery jewellery.

Anyone that has attended any of the very successful Craft2.0 fairs or Webstock equivalents ("Craftstock", of course) will have experienced a Sue Tyler run event.
You can also catch Sue on the Friday editions of TVOne's "Good Morning" programme as well as follow her SuperVery blog.

Most awesomely of all you can buy her fantabulous jewellery online at any of these: