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SharePoint Conference (Wellington, 2nd-3rd July) - International/Local Speakers, Your Peers PLUS Me

Through the hard work of a small yet dedicated team* New Zealand finally has its own Microsoft SharePoint conference - and I'm presenting (Friday 3rd, 1pm-2pm: "How To Manage Those That Want "Facebook" Inside Your Organisation")

The two days are a must for anyone currently using SharePoint, thinking of moving to SharePoint or considering SharePoint and, to be honest, if you're moving your Intranet/collaboration environment into something useful and a "doing place" you will be in one of those camps.

You'll get to hear fantastic local and international speakers, pick up tips & techniques and, like all the best conferences, network with your peers who are bumping up against the same issues as you are!

Here's the details:
I'll put up the details about my session, "How To Manage Those That Want "Facebook" Inside Your Organisation" (Fri 3rd, 1pm-2pm) once I've created it :-)

Oooh, very exciting!

* Here's the details around your awesome organisers amended from the official conference site:

The New Zealand Community SharePoint Conference is organised by three SharePoint MVPs from the New Zealand SharePoint Community. The trio of hard workers participate and support the community through organising and sharing their knowledge at user group events