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None Of This Is Serious

As Bruce Sterling infamously pointed out at Webstock (and beyond) this whole "Web 2.0" world of "social media" is all very nebulous:
Okay, "webs" are not "platforms." I know you're used to that idea after five years, but consider taking the word "web" out, and using the newer sexy term, "cloud." "The cloud as platform." That is insanely great. Right? You can't build a "platform" on a "cloud!" That is a wildly mixed metaphor! A cloud is insubstantial, while a platform is a solid foundation! The platform falls through the cloud and is smashed to earth like a plummeting stock price!

And Twitter is merely the latest in a long line of world-changing-yet-not services taken up by the chattering classes of the Internet (I am a fully paid up and active member :-)

Check out this awesome vid from Super_Josh at (via Digital Learning via a tweet, probably :-) and sit back in your chair with a smile and then re-evaluate the import placed upon that next push of "the cloud" and the like ;-)