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How Is The Wisdom At Your Organisation?

As I've noted before when times are tough the desire to lock down, control and only look inwards can be overwhelming but I (and others) believe it's not the right approach and certainly not one that can set you up for the good times when they arrive. Now is the time to ensure we have the moral compass to do the right things and not to mandate to the n'th degree what we should/shouldn't do.

Warch this TED talk in which Barry Schwartz discusses, "The real crisis? We stopped being wise":
Barry Schwartz makes a passionate call for "practical wisdom" as an antidote to a society gone mad with bureaucracy. He argues powerfully that rules often fail us, incentives often backfire, and practical, everyday wisdom will help rebuild our world.

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  1. Thanks for that, Mike. Liked his comments about 'not teaching more ethics courses' but instead celebrating moral exemplars.

  2. Pleasure, and nice to have you along, loving your blog


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