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Going To Webstock, Let's Meet (If Not, Why Ever Not - Get A Ticket NOW!)

Flickr: Mike outside the NewDowse at Craft2.0If you intend going to this years most awesome Webstock - really, have you seen the most awesome speakers, seen how to write a business case for it and generally got your a-into-g and sort out a ticket!

... anyway, if you're going to Webstock (Wellington Town Hall, NZ) this year then please PLEASE don't hesitate to come up to me and say kia ora/hello as it's always a pleasure to meet those of you that take time to read this blog (thank you).

For those stalkers*** out there I'm gonna be at:
  • Damian Conway's, Presentation Akido workshop all day Monday 16th
    (booked in for my 5 minutes of "constructive feedback" already, golly)
  • Michael Lopp's, Managing Humans and Projects workshop on the morning of Wednesday 18th
  • Conference proper, Thursday 19th & Friday 20th
    Not sure what actual sessions yet**
  • Post conference 'cup of tea and a slice of cake' at The Embassy Theatre
There is also the Official Unofficial Webstock Before Party at the Southern Cross on the Wednesday (5:30pm+) which I'm unlikely to get to but you just never know as Webstock is only once a year! And if this conference brings you to Wellington for the fitst time then check out the Welingtonista's extra specially special Beginners Guide To Wellington.

Anywho - say hi in person or via Twitter @MiramarMike

And now you know where I'll be - where will you be?
... maybe we can do a deal ...

* Picture of me at theNewDowse in Lower Hutt for a Craft2.0 event - next one on April 11th
** Have asked the busy busy Webstock team for an update to their Official Webstock Google Calendar but ... we still wait
*** Stalkers, check out Google Latitude for all those stalking requirements


  1. I'll be hiding down the back.

  2. Top that you'll be there. May be a bit of a "fan" when I say hi, do apologise in advance

  3. I would be there but it is a bit of a hike from Toronto. They need to hold these things around Christmas when I am actually in Wellington (:

  4. I'll pass on the request ... can you guarantee at least 200 fellow Canadian-type residents will be joining you as that'll surely boost your requests chance ;-)

  5. I'm coming down from Auckland, just for the conference, so it will be neat if I bump into you down there. Cheers, David.

  6. @GreySkinnedBoy Perfect - and it should be easy to spot you in the crowd, what with your grey skin and all that :-)


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