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Old Fellas May, Actually, Know Stuff

We're young, we're web-enabled and we're funky and we're also (definitely) sons, granddaughters and neighbours AND therefore we're NOT doing anything that hasn't been done before.

Sex ... sorry ... was invented by your parents.

Social networking was ... sorry ... a precursor to sex.

Your parents ... sorry ... maybe still having sex ... as I write this.

My point, and I have one*, is let's not get lost in the shiny stuff, the Google-ness of seeing our own house on a computer (no because, I can see it by ... looking at it) and by being Friend-ed/Follow-ed on some webservice.

Digital natives - listen to the immigrants because they are make it better.
Just like real life.

So here's our challenge - between now (Sat, 12:19am NZT) and Monday ((9am, Mike time) - ask a"real person" what they think you're up to and how it benefits them/the company/society .. really, ask them .. why be scared?

* I know