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But I Can't Use Google Docs Because My Client NEEDS To Use Microsoft Word


Google Docs to Micrsoft Word (more ...)

And as you can see Google Docs to a stack other formats as well - HTML, OpenOffice, PDF, RTF and Text ... that should do ya!

And yes, it is good enough!

Getting Microsoft Word into Google Docs (more ...)
What if you want to go the other way?
You can either upload from the site or email them in.

And if you have a whole stack of documents then check out the Document List Uploader (download Windows .exe).

So there you are - documents in, documents out in loads of formats PLUS an API so you can write your own importer/exporter if that works for you.


  1. Yes, but the real trick will be integration so i can save from MS Word directly into Google Docs and access Google docs from MS Word. Hopefully someone will come up with that

  2. If you're using OpenOffice (and really, why wouldn't you be ... if you have to use an 'Office' client?), you can -

    Works with Google Docs, Zoho and WebDAV, neat eh?


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