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5 Articles About YOU

1: The End of Online Anonymity
We'll pay for our services on the new internet with our identity and personal information. When the companies we sold ourselves to use it for their own benefits, our outrage will come too late. We'll only have ourselves to blame.

2: Google’s User Data Empire
I don’t understand how prominent geeks normally so paranoid over spyware and whatnot can ignore Google. They function on a higher level than any spyware company in history, and do it all by winking at the webmaster community and acting like they’ll look out for us. “Do No Evil” is the motto of a private company. Not a public company. It’s the antithesis of the free market economy. What is good for the consumer is not good for the company, and that is especially true with an advertising company that has access to so much data.

3: Google Knows Where I Am and Everything Else I Do
Just how much does Google know? Ok for Google to control these many bits of data on each user no matter if they use it or not? Here's my chart for easy reference ...

4: Biggest Battle Yet For Social Networks: You, Your Identity And Your Data On The Open Web
Today’s the day that Facebook makes their big press push for their Facebook Connect service, which was first announced last May. The NY Times has a story giving a broad overview of Connect as well as competing services from MySpace (Data Availability) and Google (Friend Connect).

5: Blog for your future boss / client / relationship
... being on the Web does NOT mean splurging every stream of conscious on to it. It does not mean letting everyone know your drug problems. And for those seeking employment it probably means not disclosing how you edited a production database to remove your own details. You need to be your own editor, copyright lawyer and legal counsel!

And here's another 10 "items" for you:


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