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"Microsoft in some ways remind me of Brittany Spears"

Ha ha ha ha ... *ahem*, this paragraph from Why do SharePoint Projects Fail - Part 3 made me giggle somewhat:
Microsoft in some ways remind me of Brittany Spears*. Both crash things, both can be abusive, both get themselves into trouble with the law, both have ignored legal judgements, both have loyal fans who love them no matter what and detractors that will never accept they can do anything right, both get caught with their pants down on occasion, and both have produced some pretty ordinary crap in their time. Despite this, they sell squillions of copies and make a ton of money.

*Just in case you read this article at some future point where Brittany is long forgotten, substitute whichever starlet is in rehab

The articles though are a top read if you're looking at SharePoint, and a lot of you are.

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