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Who Wants To Be In My P.I.S.S.U.P. Gang? [Updated]

[Updated] We have a full winning team and therefore the offer is closed :-)
Go Julia, Sue, Chan, Rowan, Sandy and myself - team name coming

And I know that putting it out there may result in zero results but what the heck!

"Gang for what Mike???" - this:
Webstock has been asked by leading scientists to conduct some research. They’re concerned about how people act under pressure, and in particular, how certain types of people act under pressure.

Let’s be frank - people who attend Webstock events are smart. (They’re also charming and sexy, but that’s another story for another time.) But how do smart people react under pressure? Do they crumble? Do they lift their game a notch and shine? That’s what we’ve been asked to research.

We’re calling it our Primary Investigation into Serious Smartness Under Pressure. You can find out all about it here.

Salient details:
Where: Upstairs at The Brewery Bar (On the Wellington waterfront, corner of Cable and Taranaki Streets) - 4 Taranaki St, Wellington (Google Map)

When: From 6.00pm Thursday 4 December 2008. The quiz will begin at 6.45pm sharp.

How much: $10. You pay for your own food and alcohol.

Spaces are limited so register now!

So, do you want to be in my gang (of 6)?
Email me at


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