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"saving time on your intranet is a bad metric" - YES!!!

I have no more to add to James' fantastic post, 25 reasons why saving time on your intranet is a bad metric, over Column Two apart from - YES!
To start with, here’s my “big five” problems with this metric:
  1. We’re not measuring end-to-end task completion.
  2. Can we realise the value?
  3. Time saving and productivity is complex.
  4. We are multiplying a lot of assumptions.
  5. Many financial people won’t accept it.

(of course James outlines his thinking behind each one, I've snipped it out - go read the original)

And if James argues the case against "we'll save time" what does he replace it with - useful.

An Intranet (or any site) must be useful and, as I have said previously, the only way you can measure usefulness is to get off your Intranet designing butts and go and ask those that will be using the product day in and day out.

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