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Microsoft Looks Down At Google And Google Reacts

Was it timing that merely 2 days after Steve Balmer (Microsoft CEO) says (of Google Docs)*:
... you can’t even put a footnote in a document!

... that Google releases footnotes into Google Docs?

Or was it to show that the on-line world moves at a different speed to the "traditional" PC software environment and that Google has more ability/agility than most realise.

This isn't to say that Google Docs is more or less useful than Microsoft Office - that's for each business/individual to decide - but it does highlight how a product can become more useful before your very eyes and as you ask.

As to who will "win" - maybe the tortoise, maybe the hare - I don't care as long as we get software than is useful!

Further reading on this:

* source: Google Apps no threat to Microsoft? Maybe it is…
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  1. This seems similar to the comparison of factual errors between Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia a few years ago. The number of errors were about the same. What was interesting was that the Wikipedia errors were all fixed two days later...

  2. Seems like a classic "disruptive" trajectory. Target the non-users and light users first with a cheaper and more convenient product, then gradually add features until you match the incumbent. Of course Google is adding a bunch of features that Microsoft never really had, so perhaps it's more of a Blue Ocean Strategy.

    Who will win? Google, methinks. So long as folks trust Google with their data, and most folks seem to, the standard quoted SaaS/Cloud-based advantages, along with the freemium biz model should eventually carry the day.


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