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Scrum in 5 Minutes - Agile In A Nutshell [Updated]

My focus at any organisation is to:
  1. Help you become an 'open' organisation
  2. Gain tangible benefits from on-line collaboration
  3. Introduce and grow the use of Google Apps
With the "become an 'open organisation'" focus I believe the adoption of "agile techniques" is a big step towards that goal. For me "agile" is probably best demonstrated through the Scrum framework, but of course I would say that as it's my knowledge area :-)

I have heard reported of a senior IT executive that the following, "Agile? No bloody way are we having that cowboy behaviour in our organisation!!" (I paraphrase). And whilst I abhor the closed attitude and knee jerk reaction to something that they don't understand I do believe it is a fairly common response. I suspect this comes from those that believe they are running with agile but are actually lose - there is a VERY big difference!

And so it was with absolute pleasure that I found this awesome resource created by Swedish consulting firm Softhouse, Scrum in 5 Minutes (pdf ). Download it, share it around and let's start having conversations that are reality based.

If you would like to have a conversation about agile techniques then may I suggest either myself (of course) or Sandy Mamoli at Nomad8

[Updated: Added Sandy Mamoli as top agile consultant to talk with]


  1. That is a bloody good resource! I'll be forwarding that to various management-types around my office quick smart! Thanks.


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