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A Re-Focus Of This Blog

Hey everyone, just thought I'd let you know that this blog is going to get a lot more focussed around the following areas where I think I can offer the most useful insight:
  • Becoming and being an 'open' organisation with special attention to:
    • What it means for organisational culture
    • Use of Open Source software
    • Where agile techniques fit in
  • What is and how to benefit from on-line collaboration:
    • Generating good information, communication and connections
    • Stories from those that have succeeded
    • Hints, tips and traps for young players
  • Use of Google Apps within organisations
    • Moving to the "cloud"
    • Getting benefits from the tools
    • Hints, tips and traps for young players

I'm sure I won't resist popping out of those three key areas now and again :-)