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New Zealand Knowledge Management (NZKM) Now Has A LinkedIn Group

The NZKM has recently launched a new website and as part of that endeavour I am now on the committee as their "on-line community wrangler". Part one of that is to tidy up the site and make it more user friendly then I'm gonna start asking each of the 300 or so members to visit, create/update their profile and start looking around at the content.

However, in this interconnected world we can't rely on everyone visiting the one website and so I am slowly spreading the NZKM wings to bring in newer networking sited and have started with an NZKM LinkedIn group.

Why LinkedIn and not, say, Facebook where I am sure more of the members already exist? LinkedIn is aimed at at the professional demographic and say what you like about Knowledge Managers they are most definitely a professional bunch.

And so, NZKM is on-line both at it's own website AND on LinkedIn!
Join both :-)