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Is Your IT Department "Leading The Web 2.0 Way?"

On a nutshell, as reported by CIO:
  • Forrester report "contends that IT has begun to take a greater interest and leadership role in the enterprise adoption of Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, wikis and social network"
  • I don't believe it
But prove me wrong!


  1. While I can't prove this yet, my work at "The Bank" is taking the 2.0 movement very seriously with plans to release blogs and a significant social element to much of its front-line web presence.
    Obviously I would be ill-advised to release too much information to the public and these changes will probably take some time to actually materialise (being a risk-averse financial institution and all), but the bottom line is we do recognise the importance of having our customers enabled by the technology we offer.


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