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Google Sites To Be Merged with Google Groups + 9 Other Learnings

10 things I learned from attending the "Google in the Public Sector" session a while ago:
  1. Google Sites and Google Groups are set to merge - yaay!
  2. Google's "secret sauce" involves the number of data centres it has (700-800+)
  3. Google positions its advertising service as another way to connect your content with your audience
  4. Google Earth in a browser is a major aim of Google (ie, Google Earth merging with Google Maps). I think this might be one of those things Google has to wait for web technology to catch-up on
  5. Google Earth is being used (a lot) inside organisations
  6. There is a LOT of interest in Google's offerings
  7. NZ Governments issue of having to store content within NZ geographical boundary is being tackled by Google as a cost/risk exercise
  8. Google plays at the national level
  9. Most people still think Google is just a search page!?
  10. People use Google Apps/Docs because it is soooooooo easy


  1. Interesting post, my comments...
    1. I can't see why Sites and Groups would merge - they cater for different things. Any more details on this?
    2. Wow!
    3. That's a nice way of looking at it.
    4. There's a plugin you can install to enable this already, but I guess they are aiming for something without an additional plugin.
    5. I've seen it used in a lot of government departments.
    6. True dat.
    7. So does that mean Google are weighing up the options of setting up a datacenter in NZ? Hope so.
    8. What does 'national level' mean?
    9. That's true, Gmail must be their second most well known service.
    10. Yes - very easy apart from the initial DNS setup, although I believe if you register the domain through Google it's even easier.

    Good post!

  2. Top comments Stuart.

    1: No more info but I can see exactly how it would all fit.

    2: They "neither confirm nor deny" any number of data centres - these were two numbers used

    7: Nope. Definitely not (in my view). They look to make it so cheap to have it in the cloud that any organisation/government would think twice about sticking with their "have it inside our borders" argument.

    8: National banks, national governments, national organisations - they are focussed on BIG things. Means NZ govt agencies are competing with Asia/Pacific governments for Google attention.


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