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1 Reason Businesses Must Engage On-Line

There is talk over on Geekzone* around Telstra in HD (High Definition). After some discussion about what will, could and should happen with some annoyance from a few of the posters Jeff Doyle (Market Manager - InHome Services, TelstraClear) came on and left a reasoned and detailed comment.

Top work.

However it was the comment directly following Jeff's that caught my eye:
That's great to hear!

I'm on Telstra Triple play and was considering dumping Telstra TV in favour of SKY HDi but I think I'll hold off.


And that's a perfect of example of why businesses should engage with customers using on-line communities
You keep your customers

And you do it by talking to them in their space and not forcing them to come to you!

* one of the most active on-line communities in New Zealand, and here's why


  1. I was thinking the same thing when I saw Telstra's response. All companies need someone who's job is scouring the newsgroups, forums and blogs, and responding to questions/criticisms/suggestions. Vodafone's Paul Brislen is a good example of this. I don't always agree with what Vodafone or Paul says, but I truly appreciate them for engaging with the community.


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