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Facebook (M$) Wants The Keys To YOUR Web Experience

Facebook Connect Will Be Game-Changing...and Dangerous
With the news coming out of F8 this week, it was hard to not get caught up in the enthusiasm for Facebook Connect, the new authentication methodology which will allow you to login to third-party web sites using your Facebook ID and port your friend graph from Facebook with you. On the one hand, you have to admit this is revolutionary. The web will be transformed from the still (somewhat) closed system it is today, to a massively social experience - it's the "always logged-in internet." On the other hand, the company bringing this web to us is Facebook, the same people who had to be told by their users why Beacon was a huge mistake. Do you trust Facebook to control the next iteration of the web?

My comment:
Hmm, seems someone wants to own the keys to the Internet ... dodgy stuff I'd say.

And already we're seeing web developers being sucked into the thought patter that it's "easier for my users to register with my site" without a thought for those users.

Facebook is a closed, walled environment into which you have to come and play and not the other way around. Not the Internet I want.
In fact isn't this the vision of AOL in its prime, Microsoft Network and all the other "privately owned estates" with walls, guards and rules. This might go a storm in America but it's not how the rest of the world lives [/sweeping statement]