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What To Say When You Are Told You Can't Access Webmail

Gmail ... banned.
Hotmail ... access denied.

A colleague asked me what to say to their "IT Department" when they get the dreaded, "Can't get to - denied - bad person" message when trying to get to any web mail services.

I said - "I can argue your point but it's my business to do so (food in the mouths of Jack and Meg ... is that emotional black mail enough ;-) - however, in a nutshell, my point is:
  1. People work for a company/Ministry
  2. People will talk/gossip/arrange lunch/see what's on the cinema/get together and every other facet of being a human no matter what you think/dictate to "other people"
  3. People have an (e)life outside of "work" - most generally expressed through a mobile or email address
  4. People don't turn up (any more) as virgin workers awaiting to be given computers to work on/with (proof :-)
  5. '4 with ('2' + '3') is reality!
  6. IT Departments of companies/Ministry's spend many MANY $$$ because they are stunned by '3'
  7. Easiest solution - make '3' someone else's problem (Google, Hotmail, Yahoo! ...)
I have much more ... call me!

[Updated] Added 'proof' link to '4'


  1. Love it. And the label cloud.

  2. Thanks ... and you've gone and changed your profile picture to something much more ... aluring


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