The Future As Seen By Me In 2010

Well looky here, things one has scanned in eh. (ignore the photo, that's some guy that made some accounting software, not sure what became of him ;) MIKE RIVERSDALE is fuming. The expensive headphones he bought in Sydney three weeks ago have just died. His first reaction is not to randomly spill expletives into his coffee, but to use his iPhone to vent his frustration to his Twitter con- tacts, under the moniker Miramar Mike. "I will also put, 'What should I do?' It's a conversation. I'm reaching out to the people following me." The council predicts hand-held digital devices such as smartphones will rule the world in 2040. They already rule the life of Mr Riversdale, whose company WaveAdept helps businesses adapt - their computing sys- tems to allow staff to work from anywhere - and with anyone. In order of fre- equency, he uses his iPhone to tweet (1136 followers; 8363 tweets since joining), e-mail, make phone calls and use online services, such as checki

Speaking at ... 8th Annual Strategic Intranet Summit (Wellington, New Zealand)

(stealing the self promotion approach from a fellow Michael :-)

BrightStar is hosting the 8th Annual Strategic Intranet Summit at the Duxton Hotel here in Wellington on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd of August (Google Calendar of speakers at the bottom of this posting)

I'm speaking!

They have this to say about the conference:

"Now in its eighth year, this event has built a reputation as New Zealand’s premier intranet summit, highly valuable in terms of both the knowledge you gain and the people you meet. This year features a great line up of case studies illustrating successful intranet management initiatives and prominent speakers covering the biggest issues that challenge intranet managers."

I'm on Day 2, Friday 22nd August at 1.50pm
The Advantages that the New Web 2.0 Applications can offer your Intranet
Web 2.0 has become something of a buzz word, but behind the hype lays an ever increasing amount and variety of tools and applications that enable some very interesting features for collaborative work. Learn how to take advantage of Web 2.0 applications to increase the efficiency and productivity of their staff.
  • Looking at the options available
  • Implementing the applications
  • How they have been received by staff and managers
  • The issues that have been caused by the applications
Mike Riversdale, Consultant, MIRAMARMIKE.CO.NZ

And to start you all off with the "The Advantages that the New Web 2.0 Applications can offer your Intranet" I have created a Google Calendar of the timetable for us all - subscribe using:
If you're already using Google Calendar then do a search for "8th Annual Strategic Intranet Summit" and add it - this Wellingtonista example will show you step-by-step.


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