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Connections and visualisations

With the opening up of information ("data") on the Internet there are now many more ways to viewing information over and above text and a pie chart.

The wonderful blog information aesthetics is where I would start if you're looking for creative ways to display that mass of information you have collected.

Two examples:
  • (Flickr) Tag Galaxy - "a space galaxy like representation of the relationships between tags on flickr."
  • NNDB Mapper - "a sophisticated visual aggregator that tracks the activities of about 32,000 noteworthy people, both living & dead."


  1. This is a great site! How'd you find it?
    I particularly like the visual freebase wiki - another adaptation of Freebase. I think that Freebase might be one to really look out for later this year and into 2009...

  2. All part of my "subscribe to creative feeds" that brings fresh air into my thinking ... bit like buying a random magazine each week about something I know nothing about


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