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Why Apple iPhone coming to Vodafone NZ matters to IT Departments

Whilst this news from Mauricio at Geekzone might not seem relevant to this blog believe me it is.

Why do I think that? Because it will bring the world of the web that much closer to everyone. All the smart people, gadget geeks and techocrats (I'm looking at you Adam), all the movers and shakers and all those that buy your IT hardware/software will want to play with one.

And when they do they will get Google first and not Microsoft.
They will get the Web and not discrete downloadable software.
They will get a reason to start thinking across the corporate wall.
And they won't be quiet about it.

If you work in IT ... prepare for a tough old time explaining why, "No" is a valid response.

When will it happen - "later this year"

More links to prepare yourself:


  1. You forgot to mention ActiveSync. That gives the iPhone native integration with Microsoft Exchange Server including all the additional security features (including remote wipe) That's a pretty compelling reason to use the iPhone for business use.

  2. That's true, that's another part of the iPhone arsenal that's gonna be placing more pressure on those with Exchange servers to let iPhones work across the corporate boundaries.

    I suspect that will be a thin end of the wedge though - why use that when the web is all there and you may as well use your webmail ... assuming connectivity - that's the issue here in Wellington but 'watch this space!'


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