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Whitireia Web Intensive Week - if we want a thriving web industry we need talent

And if we're to have web talent we need to engage with the "young 'uns", a situation most notably addressed by John over at ProjectX and the Summer of Code

Another initiative you, as web/online developement companies, should look at is the Whitireia Web Intensive Week which:
We can have good intentions to contribute to training for the industry, but because of work commitments and the lack of personal time, it is hard to find the time get involved with students. Especially on a regular basis.

So what we are asking is, a small one off contribution of your, or a staff members time, to help us run a web intensive week at the Whitireia Community Polytechnic Faculty of Arts and Communication.

Planned for the week of 20th June to the 4th July.

And so all you TradeMe's, Xero's, Silverstripe's and YOU, this is a chance to make a large difference to those at the start of their careers and build a stronger web community for us all to enjoy.

Get involved

A little competition never hurt anyone - this is who is already presenting and therefore is totally cool and probably very sexy at the same time:
  • CWA New Media
  • Click Suite
  • Provoke - Matthew Gould
  • KnowledgeCue Limited - Chandima Kulathilake
  • Expert Developments - Amanda Te Hiko BBS
  • Museum of New Zealand / Te Papa Tongarewa - Lucy Hoffman and Florence Liger

And hopefully myself ...