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Omnidrive ... gone!

It's all well and good having your stuff stored in the cloud but if the service just ups and goes then what? You're stuffed.

I was using Omnidrive for storing some files I couldn't get into Google Apps. Mostly these were pdfs and the like and I do have backups of them (somewhere). However the most important file stored in Omnidrive was my favicon.ico (Wikipedia) used by this and my personal blog.

I'd noticed for quite some time that the favicon wasn't showing up in the browser address bar (check it out in your browser, to the left of the web address - it's probably the orange Blogger icon eh?). Luckily I got a copy down onto the desktop in order to move it somewhere else - at somepoint.

And today ... Omnidrive is gone.

I feel for those Zoho users that were using it as their main storage facility ... ick!

Lesson - go with the big boys and girls and spread the load (not that I do) with copies in multiple services whcih could (if you want) be your own computer.
Oh, and subscribe to ReadWriteWeb who called this back in December 2007

Oh, and in my search for somewhere to stick my NEW favicon.ico file (!) I am now using Google Sites.


  1. I just emailed the news to Techcrunch. You seem to currently have the only site with this finding.

    It appears that their domain has expired, and their domain register (Network Solutions) is parking the domain.

  2. if you just want backup checkout jungle disk which uses Amazon web services on the back end

    although that probably won't give you what you're after for the favicon

    see my review at

  3. Thanks both of you ...

    The Google Sites option seems to be working for me at the mo - but will keep Jungle Disk in mind, thanks

  4. This could be good news for you.

  5. @Daejuan - thanks for that. Yes, it's good that RWW can get answers out of people. I will be checking Omnidrive to see what I had on it and then moving it elsewhere - to be honest I think I had a stack of PDFs that are in GMail somewhere and that was about it.

    Thanks for leaving the comment, appreciate it.


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