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ReadWriteWeb: Enterprise 2.0 To Become a $4.6 Billion Industry By 2013

Enterprise 2.0 To Become a $4.6 Billion Industry By 2013 - thank fvck for that, all I have to do is hang on until then and I'm rolling in it?!?
A new report released today by Forrester Research is predicting that enterprise spending on Web 2.0 technologies is going to increase dramatically over the next five years. This increase will include more spending on social networking tools, mashups, and RSS, with the end result being a global enterprise market of $4.6 billion by the year 2013.

I do like that they have a whole section of the post dedicated to the loving IT Department:
Getting Past the I.T. Gatekeeper

One of the main challenges of getting Web 2.0 into the enterprise will be getting past the gatekeepers of traditional I.T. Businesses have been showing interest in these new technologies, but, ironically, the interest comes from departments outside of I.T. Instead, it's the marketing department, R&D, and corporate communications pushing for the adoption of more Web 2.0-like tools.

Unfortunately, as often is the case, the business owners themselves don't have the knowledge or expertise to make technology purchasing decisions for their company. They rely on I.T. to do so - a department that currently spends 70% of their budget maintaining past investments.


And there's where I come in.

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