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New Zealand government 'Digital Strategy 2.0' wiki

The Wiki approach to complimenting other more traditional approaches to consultation with the New Zealand public seems to be gaining momentum within the NZ government. I suspect this is due to three factors:
This wiki is asking for contributions to the draft of its Digital Strategy 2.0 ( - as has been noted by some, use of naff Flash is probably not the way to go!)

The wiki ( is good though.
Is seeded with just enough information, is easy enough to use and they've allowed for discussions per page ... have at it people!

Submissions on the new Digital Strategy close at 5pm, Monday May 12.

Note: I signed up, received the email confirmation, clicked to confirm and got an error. Emailed the address given but nothing back yet ...


  1. Thanks Mike. The Online Participation Project is only as strong as its members, so it's really great to have people like yourself pushing our work out into the community, and participating in our projects as well!


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