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You need more than to just relax your grip and allow participation and structure to emerge spontaneously

At the bottom of Google Apps get mixed report from De Bortoli Wines (an interesting yet unsurprising article about Google Apps in a large-ish organisation) is the following excellent comments from De Bortoli Wines CIO, Bill Robertson:
"There's an assumption that if you build it, they will come," he says. "In theory this is true, but our experience suggests it will be unbalanced. Some bright sparks will always be keen but it depends on their skills and background."
And that's life me old muckers.

Some people will dive on in, some will dabble and some will pass it by through no more malice than, "it just doesn't help me". NO technology is a silver bullet. In fact no tool is the panacea to all your business woes no matter what type is it whether it's a process, a piece of software or a methodology.

The skill is applying is letting the staff apply the tools they find relevant to complete the job in hand.

I also agree with Bill regarding:
Robertson also bucks the trend that assumes a good dose of Enterprise 2.0 salts is necessary to dissolve organisational hierarchies.

"For companies that don't obsessively adhere to organisational charts and already encourage free and frank discussion, some of these solutions aren't as appropriate," he says.

Thanks to Ben at Diversity for the initial link