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Webstock undressed - the video

[Updated] Ed's version from a different angle - thanks mate

Thanks Siggie ... I think

My 8x5 talk at Webstock 08 titled, Enterprise 2.0 - Why it scares the pants off IT Departments

Watch the Slideshare and read the notes


  1. Very good; glad the podium was strategically placed. Two of my team came along so I'll ask them what it was like "in the flesh" as it were!

  2. If you think that's it let me tell you that I have a different "angle" on this presentation ... and with your permission it will make it into the TuneIntoWellington.TV WebStock wrap ;-)

  3. Mr R - love to know if the message came across ove and above the "stunt"

    makahi'o - go for it


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