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Organisations tightening their belts must look to the Web (2.0)

With the forecasts in the US and Europe showing a reduction in ICT spending I expect this trend not to follow the typical Kiwi habit of being a year or so behind. Therefore Kiwi IT Departments will start to feel the pinch during 2008 as their large infrastructural type programs are paired back.

But that's OK because I agree with the commentators that are forecasting that 2008 will also be the year that Enterprise 2.0 (definition) really kicks in and, as the software/services providing "2.0" are typically much lower cost (think "open source" and "free software"- there is a difference) , the demand driven costs should be easily manageable.

Hey, think of that - delivering solutions staff are actually asking for AND lowering IT costs ... what a novel old world. IF you know what you're doing and are willing to shift away from the old view of the world.

Of course, I can help you there ...


  1. ditto an ascendency for SaaS in 2008

  2. Remind me the difference - Enterprise 2.0 is (from a technological pov) about using the cloud ... SAAS is the same? Or is SAAS not "limited" to the Internet?

    Sorry, I just can't see what the difference is - maybe it's just a buzzword battle


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