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Beware of IT excuses when you want to do something

Classic excuses ("reasons why we can't ...") I have experienced included:
  • You're paying us good money to provide a service ... how can we when ...?
  • You can't expect us to honour the SLA we have all worked hard to gain acceptance for!? (rope in 'business' as a potential ally)
  • This will increase our work load by XXX%, who's now gonna pay for that? (fear of unlimited costs)
  • We are professionals, these people don't know what they're doing - is that the sort of organisation you lead? (implant fear of reputation plummeting)
  • If you're happy for us not to support it then go ahead. Also, any repercussions on the wider network/systems can't be supported by us! (implant fear of a meltdown)
  • We understand the need and if you could only wait until February/March we will be able to supply a systems that both meets ALL of the business needs and we are happy complies with our rigorous industry/government standards compliance (wait for ever because it ain't coming)
... and there's more, many MANY more.