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Bringing 'social networking' into the organisation

Following on from my Faceforce shows the way with enterprise social networking posting but on closer to home note I have been reading how some (myself included) think Microsoft's SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) isn't really there yet with 'social networking' but it could be for organisations - this comment from Charlene may point the way forward:
It is still very, very early in the Facebook and social network application space, and even more so on the enterprise side. I can imagine further initiatives that use widgets to bring Facebook and LinkedIn information into enterprise environments like Microsoft's Sharepoint and IBM's WebSphere.

I have to say that Microsoft (or any other enterprise vendor) will probably never "become the Facebook for the enterprise" because of the limited scope of the enterprise. Connections are not only made within the four work walls that surround you and and anything that starts it's life inside the four walls is gonna have a much harder time expanding out.

For instance, back in the days when the life within the four walls comprised a lot more of the social connections than it does now (you went to work with your mates and your mates were the people you worked with - think 1950 and before) you could have a social club for the organisation. It was where everyone was and where everyone wanted to be - inside the four walls. Now-a-days they are a dying breed because people's connections are mostly external and it's hard bringing in your mates to the Friday 5pm drinks, they don't know anyone and don't want to be there.

The same for a 'social system'. When IT controlled the electronic four walls and we were all happy about that then life was sweet (1950's in IT terms is probably anything prior to 2005). Now though I have electronic connections (Facebook, blogging etc) outside and they find it hard coming in, feel uncomfortable when they are in and most definitely unwelcome.

And so the electronic version of the social club is enterprise installed 'social networking' .... old and not wanted anymore.

Of course Microsoft argue differently:
Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog Post

We will be posting a series of blog entries very soon about how SharePoint Server 2007 can provide a significant portion of the answer to the question above. We will describe in detail how Microsoft is already using MOSS 2007 to enable Facebook like social networking functionality within our intranet, and what non-technical issues such as privacy, security, multilanguage, and diverse cultures had to be resolved. We will also disclose at the appropriate time how SharePoint vNext will provide the bulk of the answer to the "Facebook for the enterprise" question plus so much more from the perspective of Social Computing for Business.