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Google's CEO defines "Web 3.0"

He doesn't really because, as he correctly points out, "Web 2.0" is a marketing term and therefore "Web 3.0" is the same. He does, however, paint a picture of how computing may be in the next generation:
  • Small, customisable and fast applications that are spread a la "viral marketing"
  • Apps that run on any device (he mentions PC and mobile phones)
  • The data held in the cloud (internet)
  • Apps are "pieced together"
This is, in essence, how I live my life online - I store my content up in the cloud and use whatever app I like. However, it's not quite there as I still have use a whole app to, say, process words (Google Docs) whereas I should be able to use a bit here (enter text) and bit there (spell check) and another bit to store it.

The apps I use only run via the Web ... I suspect Eric Schmidt is implying that the browser will become the "operating system" of the future and everything will be browser-based on many types of devices.

Anyway, watch and question:

Thanks to Vortexdna blog for the lead