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Let 'Em Know

I'm lucky enough to be a part of a conversation on the mailing list where I get to hear amazingly passionate people talk about how they want to actively help NZ Government become an open and sharing set of organisations.

And being mainly self-confessed geeks (with a seemingly inequitable love of live offline quirkiness) the focus of many is to solve the NZ traditional "closed approach to governance" by using a computer. But there are also those that want to be real about it all and actually get physical in their approach - talk to people etc etc ...

Nat Torkington popped up these few "real and active" actions that all Kiwi geeks can do in order for those in power (mostly politicians but by no means limited to that happy band) to get to hear the "open up our data!" request:
  • Register where you live, to find your local MP's Office
  • Commit to regular meetings (collecting dates and times, reporting back)
  • Discussions and briefings, talking points of things to take to those MPs with a regular series of examples of stories in the news
  • Illustrate the points we want to make (lock-in, open standards, patent evil, copyright holder abuse, etc.)